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Rusted Rose - Coburn Station
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This River - Coburn Station
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Kings Beach, CA



Hailing from North Lake Tahoe, Coburn Station is dedicated to filling the mountains with cosmic vibrations via a soulful blend of rock n' roll, groove, and psychedelia. With a knack for live improvisation, Coburn Station comes alive with the energy and spirit of the Sierras. The music pays tribute to the rockers of days past while incorporating elements that are new and powerful.

Showcasing the bands maturation is “Rusted Rose / This River,” Coburn Station’s two-Single release in December of 2022. Both tracks were recorded by Alexander Korostinsky of The Sextones at Archive Group Studios in Reno, NV. Also check out Coburn's debut LP, "Coming Home", which has become a local rock triumph. Consisting of 11 original tracks, the album displays a diverse blend of genres, which the band has dubbed "Mountain Rock". Look out for Coburn's follow up LP in 2024!

Coburn Station is Dan McAlister (Guitar and Vocals), Thomas Page (Bass), Brian Mooney (Keyboards), and Conor McAlindin (Drums).


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